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SportsFilmExchange.com is a sports game film internet site, developed and maintained by Red Chair Solutions (a West Fargo, ND-based custom software development company). As a company with a strong interest in high school, college and professional athletics, we created Sports Film Exchange as a way to give coaches an easy-to-use solution to exchange game film over the web.

Most schools already follow some form of tape exchange program with other teams. So why move to using an internet-based technology to exchange game film? By utilizing Sports Film Exchange, coaches are able to move game film without the hassles of copying games to VHS tapes or DVDs and then meeting opponent coaches or sending film though the mail. Games can easily be uploaded and shared on the Sports Film Exchange site from any computer that has broadband internet access - - from your office in the locker room, from your work desk, or even from the comfort of your living room recliner!

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Tired of trips to the post office, train station, or bus depot to send or pick up your game films? With SportsFilmExchange.com those days are over! You can upload and download game film from anywhere with a high-speed internet connection.

And the best part?? It will cost you less than you're probably spending right now!

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